Building a Nested Responsive Grid with Sass & Compass

Whether you are a hater of the technique or not, Responsive Design is one of the most important things happening on the web right now. I am finally getting a chance to work on a project where we are taking a responsive approach to the site, and it’s been great, but I have definitely come across a few gotchas here and there.

The ExpressionEngine Side of the New Part 2

I’ve already talked about the EE setup for the new, but now I want to talk about the code. It took a little longer than I wanted to get to it, but let’s finally talk templates and custom addon development.

The ExpressionEngine Side of the New Part 1

Before I started at Viget, I remember thoroughly enjoying the articles by Doug about building Viget.comin EE. That was really some of my first exposure to EE, and from there I’ve come to love it. My hope is that I can recreate some of Doug’s magic and talk through how I built the current iteration of the Viget site in EE. I know, it’s gonna be hard to do. This post is going to be broken into multiple posts, but buckle up, this is gonna be a long one.

Background-clip, Text-shadow, & Gradients; Oh My!

I have been able to play around with background-clip, text-shadow, and gradients on a few recent projects, and I wrote up some tricks that I have come across.

Notes From Our Default ExpressionEngine Build

I put together some notes about Viget’s default ExpressionEngine build in the hopes that you can find some tips and tricks in all of my nonsense.

Is Ajax ExpressionEngine Plugin

For a recent project, I needed to detect whether a request was an AJAX request or not. MX Ajax Detect already existed, but I didn’t like that you needed the extra set of tags. Usage {if {exp:is_ajax} == "true"} OH YEAAAH {if:else} OH NOOO {/if} Download You can find the plugin on Devot:ee and GitHub.

Styling HTML5 Elements: An Irresponsible Choice…Right Now

I figured it was time to post about a controversial topic that had come up recently. I just don’t see the value in using most HTML5 elements right now.

A Couple of Presentations

I’ve given a couple of presentations recently, so I thought I would share them. Mee & EE: Sitting In A Tree An internal presentation given to all of Viget to give an overview of EE and why I love it. Add Some Awesome-Sauce A presentation given to Clarksburg High School students with a supporting demo site to introduce them to some HTML5 and CSS3 features.

My New Best Friend: CSS Generated Content

I’ve started to use generated content more and more these days. Here are a couple of examples from a recent project.

So You Want to Use .htaccess files with MAMP?

Well, this was easy in the older version of MAMP that I had. You would just drop them in place, and they worked. I was having a problem with something, so I thought maybe there was an updated version of MAMP that would solve the problem. Sure enough, there was. So I installed it and went along my way. Then, I went back to the local version of my site, and it was completely busted. I finally track…