Weekly Link Round-Up #8

I’ve been busy for the last week or so working on the new site design. Hopefully I’m going to launch it within the next few days…maybe even tonight. I would say the theme for this redesign is simplicity. I’m no designer, so I should stop pretending, right? A lot of good links from this week. I guess once I finally finish the redesign, a real article will come…I promise.

  • CSS - A Recipe for Success

    Pretty good article about styling a restaurant menu as an unordered list. Nothing ground breaking, just a good example of the powerfulness of CSS.

  • Creating Multicolumn Lists

    Again, nothing ground-breaking, just some simple techniques for creating multi-column lists. My one gripe is with the 3rd example. I'm not sure why they don't just put the class name on the ordered lists instead of wrapping them in an extra div. Sure it’s not that much extra markup

  • Graphic Design Glossary

    Nice list of definitions relating to the graphic design field. Might be helpful to send to clients so if you mix in those technical terms, they understand it.

  • Collecting for Design

    Discussion about collecting ideas for interface and design solutions. Always good to help remember ideas from other sites.

  • The rules of unobtrusive JavaScript

    I read Chris Heilmann’s article last week, but I like Roger’s explanation.

  • Principles of Design

    A series of 6 articles (although only 3 are written so far) covering the basic principles of design.

  • What does Accessibility mean?

    Accessibility is not just making your site available for those with disabilities. It is making your site available for as many people as possible, disabled or not.

  • Email Standards Project

    I hate HTML emails. Let’s hope this project can force email client developers to stick to some sort of standards. Not saying I will like HTML emails any better, but coding them will become tolerable. I don’t know how many more crappy HTML emails I can stand to code.

  • Ensuring your HTML emails look great and get delivered

    Good article about making your HTML emails look good and making sure they are getting into the users’ inboxes.

  • Doesn’t Remind Me of Anything

    Discussing how sometimes when you are starting new and kind or stuck, get away from the computer and go for a walk or something. A chance of scenery sometimes can really get the brain moving.