Weekly Link Round-Up #6

Finally, it’s the weekend. I had to work basically all last weekend, and it’s great to finally get a break. Got a pretty good collection of links for this week.

  • Better Web Forms: Redesigning eBay’s Registration

    Garrett Dimon gives a really good breakdown of a redesign of eBay’s registration form. Forms are easily one of the most important elements of web design, yet they are one of the least thought about elements.

  • Classy Amp

    Inspired by Mr. Dan Cederholm, this Wordpress plugin adds a span with a class around all ampersands (edit: not all ampersands, only ampersands in headings) so you can style the ampersand with a more attractive font.

  • Being Kind to Widows and Orphans

    I guess this is like an extension of the Classy Amp plugin. Offers that functionality along with converting quotes and other entities to their correct html values. Also adds non-breaking spaces to try and prevent widows and orphans (hence the title).

  • favikon

    Upload a photo and create your favicon on the web. No need to go into Photoshop and crop it, then create an .ico file. This does it all.

  • FatDuk Web Dogma ‘06

    10 rules that will enhance the user experience of any website or online application. While I think this is old, I still enjoyed reading it, and I think it all applies still.

  • Almost Perfect htaccess File for WordPress Blogs

    Modify your htaccess file to try and prevent hackers from messing with your Wordpress installation.

I promise a real post is coming soon! Along with a redesign…sometime soon.