Weekly Link Round-Up #57

We need to have 4 day weekends more often. I got so much work done on my redesign. I’m currently in the process of dealing with IE6, then I am going to start creating the theme. So there is a possibility that I will have something launched sometime this week. Just a few interesting items from this past week:

  • Questionable Characters

    I found this site so amusing. The premise is that you ask a question, and you get two witty responses from the two designers running the site.

  • NYU Researchers Discover Defining Factor for Legibility

    There are plenty of tweaks you can make to refine your typography, but NYU researchers claim that spacing is the most important factor for legibility. So let’s all think about increasing our margins and line height.

  • “Mixed content warning”, how I loathe thee!

    Ugh, I hate those stupid warnings! David brings up a good point:

    This is why it would be ever so wonderful if you could refer to a non-SSL asset from an SSL page. That way you could say “this stuff is private, don’t share it†when serving over SSL and at the same time take advantage of HTTP caching for things that pose no security risk, like drag_handle.gif.

  • 24 Ways

    I still can’t believe is December already. But at least we have 24 ways to impress your friends to get us through the month. We already have 2 great articles.

  • Web content migration: disastrous strategy

    Is there anything worse than content migrations? Well, maybe content audits. Regardless, Gerry brings up some good points, and I love the milk analogy. I think that the whole process of content migrations should be re-evaluated.