Weekly Link Round-Up #50/51

Well again, I am slow getting a blog post written. I have 4 drafts saved right now! I spent last weekend at An Event Apart Chicago, and I really enjoyed myself. So, here are some links from the past 2 weeks:

  • Designing User-Centric Web Sites

    A discussion about creating a user-centric site. In the future, this definitely seems like it is going to be the direction that a lot of websites are going to go in.

  • New in Labs: Stop sending mail you later regret

    A new Labs feature, Mail Goggles, will try to prevent you from sending those late night drunk emails. It asks you to solve math problems when sending emails late at night on the weekends.

  • On Wedding Design

    While I’m not a big design nerd, I found this recap of Cabel’s wedding and all of the design he did for it really interesting. I definitely want a photo booth at my wedding!

  • Zoom

    Dave Shea starts a good discussion about whether browsers using page zoom will change the way that we slice websites. I actually have begun sizing my text absolutely and “soft-serving” relative units to IE6.

  • Foxworthy

    I’m definitely a perfectionist, not a purist.

  • A List Apart: Issue 269

    I love that Aaron Gustafson compares the web to an M&M in his article entitled Understanding Progressive Enhancement. Zeldman gets sentimental and talks about A List Apart after Ten Years.