Weekly Link Round-Up #5

Wow, I’m pathetic. I can hardly keep up with one blog post a week. I’m just so busy at work right now. I stopped reading my RSS feeds on Wednesday, so this is really like half-a-week’s worth of links.

I’ve got a big project for work launching on Sunday, so hopefully I will have more free time. I’m also in the process of working up a new design for the site. I don’t necessarily feel like the current design is not good; I just feel the need for a change.

  • Grid - Javascript Bookmarklet

    Pretty awesome bookmarklet to generate any grid on any webpage, definitely a keeper.

  • Google Coming To A Gas Station Near You

    Google is partnering with the makers of gas pumps to add Google Maps to the gas pump. Genius. Now when you are lost (and you don’t have GPS), but you don’t want to admit to the wife or girlfriend that you are lost, just say that you need gas! Then as you are filling up, find out where the hell you are.

  • Something’s Missing in Web Design

    I do think web design is a little lacking compared to print. But if you think about it, the web is still a baby. There is plenty of time for it to grow up.

  • Screen readers sometimes ignore display:none

    Sometimes is the key word. Gotta love standard practice between different pieces of software that are supposed to do the same thing (IE6 anyone?). Still good to know.