Weekly Link Round-Up #48/49

Let me first apologize for being a terrible blogger. Two weeks without a word from me. I have been very busy at work, doing a bunch of freelance, and working on the redesign for this site.

I also took a two day trip to New York for work to attend a gala for the National Park Foundation. So basically, this is two weeks worth of links in one blog article.

I’m hoping to launch the redesign before I head to An Event Apart on the 11th. So here it is, some interesting stuff from the past 2 weeks:

  • Design By Community

    I agree that design by committee doesn’t work, but Mark discusses design by community, and it looks like it has some promise.

  • Hire.

    Airbag created an awesome RFP form to improve the communication at the beginning of projects.

  • Anchor Buttons

    Dave Shea plays with the button element. While the buttons look basically the same in all browsers, I know that there are some programmatic issues using the button element. We have also found that some version of Windows Mobile don’t support it.