Weekly Link Round-Up #41

Well, another week and weekend flew by. I’m finally starting to work on my redesign/realign, and I hope that I can get it launched in not too long. Here is what I found interesting this week:

  • Any-Element Linking Demo

    Eric Meyer created a demo of his proposed “any-element” linking. This could be an awesome addition to HTML 5 (although who knows how long it will take to actually be implemented).

  • Modal overlays beyond the dialog box

    Modal overlays definitely have become an integral part of the web these days. This is a nice discussion about good and bad uses.

  • Firebug Lite

    Instead of only being able to use Firebug in Firefox, you can use the lite version (a bit of JavaScript) to utilize Firebug functionality in other browsers. It was definitely finicky, but it’s a big upgrade from other debugging tools.

  • Silverback

    The much anticipated Silverback finally launched. I’m going to have to find the right time to use that 30 day trial. This looks so awesome.

  • A Small Design Study Of Big Blogs

    Blogs are obviously a huge part of the web. Smashing Magazine takes the time to examine the 50 most popular Technorati blogs to investigate design trends and more. Definitely a good read.