Weekly Link Round-Up #36

I actually got started on my redesign/realign this weekend. I think I want to have a larger focus on my portfolio, and not just my blog. But god is it hard to redesign when you aren’t a designer. Hopefully it will all turn out well in the end. Here is what I found interesting this week:

  • A New Day

    As much as I love Jason Santa Maria’s last design, I think his new direction/design is really interesting.

  • Spacing Is Everything

    Khoi Vinh shows what Gmail would look like with a little bit of spacing. I actually think it might look better, but he caught some backlash from the commentors saying that there would be less messages “above the fold”. But I think that you rarely look below the fold when looking for a message, and even if you did, you would be more likely to use the search instead.

  • A List Apart: Issue 261

    I was pretty excited to finally see a CSS article in A List Apart, Faux Absolute Positioning. It had been quite a while. I was actually really disappointed with it though. It seems like extraneous markup, and I don’t really see the advantages. The second article in the issue, Sketching in Code: the Magic of Prototyping, brings up a much more important issue. Prototyping is probably the most important part of the process of developing web applications.

  • The Education of Geeks and Freaks

    I think the current state of the education of web development is awful. I know how hard it must be to stay on top of new technologies and be a teacher, but still, it needs to improve. It’s great to hear that some schools are starting to take the right step and teaching new technologies.

  • From PSD to HTML, Building a Set of Website Designs Step by Step

    I kind of skimmed this article because it was really just a discussion about what I do when I slice a site. From what I saw, it seemed like a pretty decent description.