Weekly Link Round-Up #24

So many late nights this week watching basketball and working on a freelance project. Lots of good things to read this week:

  • The Secret To Google’s Success: Free Beer And Sushi

    So you’re telling me that I just have to tell my job that I will work better with beer and sushi? Yeah, I’m sure that would fly.

  • Decision or Bug?

    Can you imagine actually being able to use pixels for font size? I guess we can dream.

  • Grid-Based Design: Six Creative Column Techniques

    Six creative techniques for making your grid design extra special.

  • 10 Tips For Your First Email Campaign

    Ugh, just thinking about HTML emails makes me want to cry. At least this article discusses the non-design factors when preparing a campaign.

  • Farnsworth.

    Wow, they call all of their clients every week? That’s pretty awesome.

  • The thrill of launch

    This is a great article for two reasons:

    1. It was really interesting to read about the hectic day that Clickpass had leading up to their launch. (I know the feeling)
    2. I think that OpenID is going to be really important this year. With services like Clickpass making it easier for developers to add OpenID to their sites, I am hoping that OpenID will really take off this year.