Weekly Link Round-Up #2

Ok, so Fridays it is. I guess there are pros to posting this on Friday evening. There is plenty of time on the weekends to browse and read articles. Or if you aren’t a weekend reader, they will be waiting in your RSS Reader on Monday morning. Sounds good to me. Just a few good links from this week:

  • Learn Apache mod_rewrite: 13 Real-World Examples

    Mod_Rewrite is awesome. While there are plenty of articles about it, this article gives a nice intro, and then 13 real-world examples. Go ahead, try to go to http://www.trevor-davis.com. Yeah you get redirected to http://trevor-davis.com. Stupid useless www.

  • Elements of Great Web Design: The Polish

    I wish I was more creative. I feel like there are flashes every once in a while, but not enough. I guess the only way to get better is to keep reading, learning techniques, and just trying stuff. This is an excellent article about adding those finishing touches to sites. The before and after is pretty incredible.

  • Testing designs for color-blindness

    This I found really interesting. Seeing what sites look like through the eyes of someone who is color blind. Go take a look at what your site looks like.

  • Helping your client maintain markup quality

    This is something that all of us web developers struggle with. How do we keep our clients from putting out crap code? WYSIWYGs don’t help the cause either. This idea is pretty interesting, to have a sort of warning style when depreciated elements are being used. Interesting concept.

  • Big, Bold Backgrounds

    I personally love the big, bold backgrounds…when they are done well. I instantly though of MTV's “new” site. There are so many backgrounds on there. I have refreshed a bunch of times and never seen the same one. If only I had those kind of creative skills. Maybe some day…