Weekly Link Round-Up #12

I’m glad this week is over. You know, it really didn’t feel like a short week, I guess it’s because I worked on Monday. Well here are the interesting links I found:

  • Edit area

    Really cool JavaScript that formats code. I could really use this as I am typing this post. I hate not being able to indent my list items. Check out the demonstration.

  • Reflections of an Interface Designer

    Really good reflection from the designer of Wufoo. I love this quote:

    Good designers, however, are more like matchmakers. They design for the relationships between the tool and the user. If you know anything about relationships, then you know that this is extremely difficult. To be good at relationships you have to not only be selfless, but listening…constantly and carefully.

  • 10 Ways To Get Design Approval

    Ok, this isn’t really from this week, but I read it this week. This article is amazing. This quote even makes me think about things differently:

    Their [the client’s] tendency will be to try to improve the design, however that should be your problem not theirs. The role of a client should be to defend the needs of their users and business not do the design. Encourage the client to make comments such as “I am not sure that my female users will like the masculine colours” rather than “can we make the whole design pink.” It is down to them to identify the problems and for you as the designer to find the most appropriate solution.

  • New Year’s Tech Resolutions

    TechCrunch’s resolutions for some of the major players in the tech industry. I really hope Apple follows through with this one. I want the damn iPhone, but there is no way I’m switching to AT&T.

  • Making of the Human Flipbook

    This commercial is amazing. So creative.

  • Apple Docking Patent Works Perfectly with Ultra-Slim MacBook

    Apple never ceases to amaze me. Too bad this new slim MacBook is a little too small for my liking. Where is a damn 15 inch MacBook Pro?! That’s what I want.