Weekly Link Round-Up #11

Well, I hope everyone had a nice holiday break. I only worked 2 days this week, and there weren’t many good links that I could find since most people were enjoying the holidays. I have finally recovered from my busy week at work, and I only have the last 15 days of 24 Ways to read. I think I’m going to cherish them though, since we have to wait a whole year for it again.

Anyways, these are the interesting links I found this week:

  • Apple Tries To Patent A Way to Avoid Long Lines

    Not that I’m a coffee drinker, but this is an awesome idea. I would like to see this implemented in all kinds of retail stores. I also want to see the damn iPhone available to all carriers!

  • Tough Client: My Son

    Andy Rutledge’s 10-year old son approached him saying that he wanted a website. This is just awesome. I hope one day my kids (when I have them) do this to me.

  • End of Support for Netscape web browsers

    Not like anyone uses Netscape anymore, but at one time Netscape did have 90% of the market share, and they had a large role in pushing browser makers to improve their browsers. They are part of the reason that we have awesome browsers like Safari and Firefox.

  • Should You Sell Hosting?

    This is dangerous territory if you ask me. I don’t think I will ever sell hosting to my freelance clients; I will only make recommendations of hosts to use.