Weekly Link Round-Up

So my plan is to eventually get some sort of consistency and post a weekly round-up of good links. I haven’t decided exactly which day I will publish it, but I am thinking about trying to do it on Friday’s. I guess I am a little late, but there are a few links that really stood out to me last week.

  • OS X style searchbox

    I noticed that when Apple redesigned their site, the search box looked like the OS X search box. Then I noticed that they used JavaScript to do it (I guess so that it actually worked in Safari).

  • CSS Eleven

    CSS Eleven is an international group of visual web designers and developers who are committed to helping the W3C's CSS Working Group to better deliver the tools that are needed to design tomorrow's web. I’m so jealous. This is quite a star-studded line-up:

    • Cameron Adams
    • Jina Bolton
    • Mark Boulton
    • Dan Cederholm
    • Andy Clarke
    • Jeff Croft
    • Aaron Gustafson
    • Jon Hicks
    • Roger Johansson
    • Richard Rutter
    • Jonathon Snook
  • Dear New York Times: The Pay Wall Was Only Half the Problem

    The New York Times recently removed their subscription requirement to reading articles, but you still have to register to read them. Does only removing the subscription requirement solve the problem? I think not.

  • A Type In the Right Direction?

    Webkit now supports the @font-face CSS property. I can only dream that this becomes a standards across all browsers. This was #4 on my birthday web wish list this year.

I guess that’s it from last week. Hopefully I will start to do this on some sort of consistent basis.