Web Design / Development Process

What are the steps that you go through when making a web site?

Are you adding a lot of extra <div> and <span> tags? Do you have way too many classes?

Maybe you should reconsider your process.

The process that I have found effective, is exactly what I am doing with this site:

  1. Create the markup for everything.
  2. Add divs that make sense, i.e. header, content, footer.
  3. Go in and implement the design adding the necessary divs and classes.

Your markup will become much less bloated, and you will have less non-semantic elements. Sure you may have to add a couple of extra <div> tags to add those rounded corners, but its better to add those after you have the structure in place.

While I could easily come up with a design for this site, I really am not as creative as my sister is. That is why I have tasked her with coming up with a logo and a design for my site. Then when it is time for her to build her online portfolio, I will help her to implement the site.

How can you improve your design / development process? Can you improve mine?

Share your methods.