Sure, Let’s Destroy Accessibility

So, while I was doing my normal reading of RSS feeds, when I saw a link to white paper from Solid State Group. The person who linked to it, said how great number 4 is.

Are we not going to think about accessibility anymore? What about people who cannot use their mouse to point and click? They use the keyboard. Meaning that they TAB between the links to figure out what they want to use. By Firefox adding that outline, it helps to show which link they are currently focused on.

Sure, I think there are some instances where it’s OK to remove the outline, but not for EVERY link.

This white paper really did not show much, and in my opinion I have already discussed much better methods for Transparent PNG’s in IE6 and Min-width using Dean Edwards’ IE7 Script and a more accessible Image replacement technique.

I love all these tutorials on the web, but we need to warn people about the risks when doing such things.