I Took The Web Design Survey, 2007

I hope all you web people took the A List Apart 2007 Web Design Survey. All it can do is get some wonderful statistics for us web nerds. Plus, you get this sweet button.

I Took The 2007 Survey

So I urge everyone who has anything to do with the web to fill out the survey.

I did struggled with one question about what my specific job title is, because there has been some recent debate about what exactly it is.

At my job, my position is called webmaster. Recently, we posted a new job, CSS Jedi / Front-End Developer. This is my job title basically. I helped to write the description for this job, and this is what we decided that the actual job entails.

When we thought about webmaster, we thought about a single person who is in charge of making minute updates to a single website. But this is really not what I do. Sure, I make small updates to my team's client sites, but I also slice new designs as well. I am also prototyping stuff all the time and do implementations.

So, front-end developer is suitable for me.