I Picked a MacBook Pro

I had been receiving a decent amount of traffic to the article: MacBook vs MacBook Pro, Help Me Decide!, so I thought I would give a quick update so people would know which I chose.

MacBook Pro photoI did finally decide to go with the MacBook Pro. I think the screen size was one of the biggest factors for me. 15 inch vs 13 inch doesn’t seem like that much, but when looking at them next to each other, it is a huge difference. The MacBook also felt much cheaper than the Pro. I also think the backlit keyboard, while maybe not something I use all the time (although I am right now), is a really nice feature.

I also decided to go with the matte screen. When looking at the glossy vs. matte next to each other, the colors on the glossy definitely pop more, but from what I heard, if you are going to be doing any kind of design work, the matte gives truer colors.

I am absolutely 100% happy with my purchase and would recommend the MacBook Pro to anyone who is looking for an awesome laptop. I love it. I am also in love with the two finger scrolling. Sometimes when I am on another laptop, I try and scroll with two fingers, and I kind of want to cry when it does nothing.