Book Review — Designing Interactions

Designing Interactions is quite a book. If you are interested in technology, it’s definitely a must read. While it’s over 700 pages, there are tons of pictures so you can fly right through it.

The book tracks back to the creation of the first mouse and the iterations of prototypes it went through. While creating physical technology is vastly different from creating websites, I feel as though you can learn a lot from the book.


The book has interviews with “42 designers who shaped our interactions with technology”. Think about the first computer. Think about the first laptop. Think about the first Palm Pilot and the OS running on it.

Hearing the history behind the technology that we use everyday is fascinating. You really get a lot of detail into how these people worked and their thought process.

I think the thing I found most interesting was learning that there is a similar process to prototype creation and usability testing between physical design and web development.

I don’t think there is really any one type of person who should read this, everyone would find something interesting in it. So get it already.