An Event Apart Boston

So my company is paying for two other webmasters and myself to go to An Event Apart Boston. It is not too often that you can get this many amazing names in the field of web development together in one place.

I think I am really looking forward to the more design-centered events like:

  • Redesigning Your Way Out of a Paper Bag by Jason Santa Maria
  • Good vs. Great Design by Cameron Moll
  • Selling Design by Jeffrey Zeldman

While I can't wait to go to all of the events, these are the ones I really can't wait to go to. I feel like I have a amazing grasp of the technical side of web development (i.e. CSS, XTHML, etc), but I wish I could become better at the design side. That is what I hope to get better at in the next few months.

I will post an update after the show and give a rundown of the speakers.