Managing CSS & JS in an HTTP/2 World

We have been hearing about HTTP/2 for years now. We've even blogged a little bit about it. But we hadn't really done much with it. Until now. On a few recent projects, I made it a goal to use HTTP/2 and figure out how to best utilize multiplexing. This post isn't necessarily going to cover why you should use HTTP/2, but it's going to discuss how I've been managing CSS & JS to account for this paradigm shift.

JavaScript Execution Patterns for Non-Web Apps

I finally got back to blogging and wrote an article about JavaScript execution patterns, a topic which I recently presented on at the DC jQuery Meetup.

Dumbwaiter Chrome Extension

I recently got around to trying out Statamic to create a little recipe manager. Yes, I know there are tons of apps out there that do this type of stuff, but I wanted to really be able to control everything. I also wanted to figure out some way that my wife could bookmark recipes for us, and I didn’t expect her to login to my Statamic install and go through that whole process of adding a new entry…

jQuery Stick ‘em: Make Content Sticky on Scroll, to a Point

I created a plugin, jQuery Stick ‘em, to allow items to be “sticky” but only within a container.

Building an ExpressionEngine Mini Calendar Scroller

I recently decided I wanted to add a calendar of blog entries on my personal site. Luckily, ExpressionEngine has a tag for that, the Calendar Tag. The functionality that I wanted was a little bit different from the two examples in the EE user guide. I wanted to show a calendar by month, and link the days that had an entry to that specific entry.

Custom File Inputs with a Bit of jQuery

I needed to create a custom file input when building Clever Little Bag, so I’ve written a tutorial on the Inspire blog discussing that process.

Custom File Inputs with a Bit of jQuery

File inputs are notorious for being a pain to style across all browsers.

Simple jQuery Refactoring

I’ve learned so much about jQuery while working at Viget. I wrote a blog post about how you can improve your jQuery through some simple refactoring.

jQuery One Page Navigation Plugin

When appropriate, I am a fan of the one-page sites. I really like the ones that add smooth scrolling and highlight the navigation depending upon which part of the page you have scrolled to. Here are a few examples: Brizk Design and Crush + Lovely. I finally have a freelance project where a one-page site makes sense, so I needed to write the JavaScript to make the navigation work how I wanted. I w…

Find Your Own Starting Point

Everyone and their mother has been releasing their HTML5 “boilerplates” for others to use. There is no chance that I would just take such a set of files and start building a site. You’ve got to find a good starting place for yourself, not someone else’s. I have been starting from a similar point for everything that I build now, and I just finally put it out on GitHub. I’m not doing this because I…