Responsive Images with srcset & Craft

Tommy recently wrote about responsive background images in Craft, but I wanted to follow up about how we used the <img> element and srcset to build responsive images on this very site (powered by Craft).

Front-End Parts Kits in Craft

Pattern library, style guide, UI library, parts kit; call them what you want, but these are essential to building websites of any scale. Typically, this is something you manually construct to demonstrate all the modules and pieces that you have constructed, but I have been investigating ways to make them a bit more dynamic when building sites with Craft.

Styling HTML5 Elements: An Irresponsible Choice…Right Now

I figured it was time to post about a controversial topic that had come up recently. I just don’t see the value in using most HTML5 elements right now.

A Couple of Presentations

I’ve given a couple of presentations recently, so I thought I would share them. Mee & EE: Sitting In A Tree An internal presentation given to all of Viget to give an overview of EE and why I love it. Add Some Awesome-Sauce A presentation given to Clarksburg High School students with a supporting demo site to introduce them to some HTML5 and CSS3 features.

Find Your Own Starting Point

Everyone and their mother has been releasing their HTML5 “boilerplates” for others to use. There is no chance that I would just take such a set of files and start building a site. You’ve got to find a good starting place for yourself, not someone else’s. I have been starting from a similar point for everything that I build now, and I just finally put it out on GitHub. I’m not doing this because I…