Managing CSS & JS in an HTTP/2 World

We have been hearing about HTTP/2 for years now. We've even blogged a little bit about it. But we hadn't really done much with it. Until now. On a few recent projects, I made it a goal to use HTTP/2 and figure out how to best utilize multiplexing. This post isn't necessarily going to cover why you should use HTTP/2, but it's going to discuss how I've been managing CSS & JS to account for this paradigm shift.

Who Says the Web is Just for Squares?

I had some fun building a crazy diamond responsive grid for a project at work. This article explains how I did it.

Sass & Compass:
 Never Write 
Regular CSS Again

I gave a presentation last week at Refresh DC about Sass & Compass. After being introduced to Sass & Compass about six months ago, I can’t imagine writing regular CSS ever again. I was a little hesitant at first, but now I can’t live without it. I posted my slides online, and here is the git repo with all of the code samples.

Building a Nested Responsive Grid with Sass & Compass

Whether you are a hater of the technique or not, Responsive Design is one of the most important things happening on the web right now. I am finally getting a chance to work on a project where we are taking a responsive approach to the site, and it’s been great, but I have definitely come across a few gotchas here and there.

Background-clip, Text-shadow, & Gradients; Oh My!

I have been able to play around with background-clip, text-shadow, and gradients on a few recent projects, and I wrote up some tricks that I have come across.

A Couple of Presentations

I’ve given a couple of presentations recently, so I thought I would share them. Mee & EE: Sitting In A Tree An internal presentation given to all of Viget to give an overview of EE and why I love it. Add Some Awesome-Sauce A presentation given to Clarksburg High School students with a supporting demo site to introduce them to some HTML5 and CSS3 features.

My New Best Friend: CSS Generated Content

I’ve started to use generated content more and more these days. Here are a couple of examples from a recent project.

Custom File Inputs with a Bit of jQuery

I needed to create a custom file input when building Clever Little Bag, so I’ve written a tutorial on the Inspire blog discussing that process.

Find Your Own Starting Point

Everyone and their mother has been releasing their HTML5 “boilerplates” for others to use. There is no chance that I would just take such a set of files and start building a site. You’ve got to find a good starting place for yourself, not someone else’s. I have been starting from a similar point for everything that I build now, and I just finally put it out on GitHub. I’m not doing this because I…

Practical Uses of CSS3

We are certainly at an interesting point in time with the web. There are new techniques being created every day, and as developers, we have the privilege of deciding how and when to use them. I'm the new guy at Viget (only been here a few weeks), and every company is different, so it is interesting adapting to Viget's standards. Some companies utilize progressive enhancement more than others, and I love that we utilize it when we can.